After I upload a photo or video, when will it appear on the site? Submissions are reviewed on a regular basis and usually appear on the site within one business day. If the material you uploaded is related to a breaking news story please call our newsroom and we will try to expedite the approval process.

Will my photo, video, or information be used on the air? Our newsroom may use submitted materials on air for breaking news, or regular segments like Weather Photos. We may mention your real name and home town on the air. Only your Nickname will appear on the website. We will not display your email address. For related information click the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy links at the bottom of this page.

What formats can I upload? Photos can be uploaded in .jpg format. Most digital cameras capture photos in this format. Movie files can be .avi, .dv, .mov, .qt, .mp4, .mpeg, .3gp, .asf, or .wmv format.

What size should my photo or video be? Don't worry about it. Our site automatically resizes photos and videos the to the correct size. All movies are converted to Flash format which most computers can play.

I can't get the movies to play on my computer. Go to www.adobe.com, then download and install the latest free Flash player for your computer.

I've spotted material or comments on your site that are inappropriate or in violation of copyright. What should I do? We do our best to screen materials and comments before they are posted, but if something slipped through please contact us at webmaster@wvlt-tv.com

Why was my photo / video / comment rejected? We cannot allow certain content to be posted due to copyright, privacy, or content issues. Details can be found in the terms of service. We also do not allow profane or derogatory language in comments. If you feel the rejection was in error or would like a clarification of why it was rejected, please contact us.

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